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How we  financially support our missionaries

Faith Promise has been a tradition at Granada for over 50 years. It's an opportunity for the congregation to prayerfully seek God's guidance in giving SPECIFICALLY TO MISSIONS, which is in addition to regular tithes and offerings for the next year. It's an adventure of faith, trusting that God will provide additional means throughout the year to give specifically towards missions.  These commitments are not monitored - it's between each person and God.  Prayerfully consider how God may be leading you to bless Granada's missionaries through a Faith Promise Commitment.

Ways to give

1. Click on the link below to make a commitment online

2. Turn in a commitment slips or checks on a Sunday morning in the offering box

3. Mail in commitment slips or checks to the Church office:

Make a Faith Promise Commitment

Faith Promise Action Steps:

Faith Promise is the financial system that Granada Heights Friends Church has had in place as a means of financially supporting our missionaries and missions program. 

FAITH - Me trusting that God will enable me to give more than I thought I could give, while at the same time, having enough to pay all the regular expenses. The abundance of money that is had after everything is paid off including regular giving.

PROMISE - Me trusting God that he will provide all my needs. Matthew 6:26-34 challenges us to look at the birds in the sky and see how the Lord provides for even them. Will we trust God to provide for us whom he called his most prized possession?

  1. Faith Promise giving is over and Above my regular giving that is designated specifically for Missions

  1. Faith Promise Giving is Between God and me:

He guides me concerning the amount

I look to God to provide it

I am responsible only to Him

Action Steps:

  • Pray - If you feel called by the Lord to participate in Faith Promise, Pray “Lord how will you have me participate in Faith Promise?”

  • Commit - Note a Financial amount that the Lord has put on your heart and turn in a pledge slip

  • Give - During the year, Give as God provides or budget the amount every month and watch the Lord provide above and beyond what you expected

Church Body strategies of giving:

Two most common strategies of participating in Faith Promise:

  1. Pledge an amount that the Lord has laid on your heart for the upcoming year. Give as the Lord provides through unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Budget an amount that the Lord has laid on your heart for the upcoming year. Budget a monthly amount from income.
  3. Decide on a Hybrid between the two.

ALL are demonstrations of Faith in the Lord!

What is Faith Promise?

Watch this video explanation of Faith Promise


Faith Promise Testimonies from Granada COngregation

Story #1

Early in our Faith Promise adventure, my husband and I were searching for the cheapest health insurance with a high deductible, but fairly good coverage.  We chose a company and began paying our premiums.  Unexpectedly, we received a notice that our health insurance premium was going to be decreased by $50 per month!  When does health insurance ever go down!  We considered this a provision of God and put that amount toward our Faith Promise amount.

Story #2

I've had a consistent career that allows me to set aside money for faith promise. Where I've seen God lead me is in personally supporting some of our missionaries and one of the organizations. That has been a blessing to me, leading to friendships and using my creativity for different types of support for them.

Story #3

My husband and I approached Faith Promise kind of in the reverse way also, in that we just always gave it every month out of income, and then just used the rest to pay bills and “do life.”  But when my husband passed away I was really concerned that I did not want to change my missions giving because of changes in my income moving forward.  God had given me a real desire to keep supporting missions in general, Faith Promise and also others we had been supporting for years.  As a result, I did not reduce anyone, and in fact felt moved to take on others and increase amounts in some cases—with no pressure.

Story #4

My wife and I always placed a premium on giving to the church and missions. When I retired, the paychecks ceased and our monthly income took a huge drop. But God… He is faithful. A friend of mine would say, “Just try to out give God. He always continues to supply our needs and provide the means to give.” Similar to Kathy’s story, we purposed not to reduce our giving in retirement. 


Randy Alcorn says it well: “You can’t take it with you, but you can send it on ahead.” If we believe the Lord is coming very soon, this should impact the way we live and give. 

Story #5

When my husband and I first came to Granada and learned about the Faith Promise commitment to support missions we began to commit an amount

which we would agree on together, which we believed God would provide in His own miraculous and unmistakable ways.  After a few years of

participating in this faith adventure, I felt God calling me to commit an amount on my own, apart from the "family" promise.  I wanted God to

grow my faith on its own without relying on the faith of my husband or on us as a couple together.  Shortly after I made my own personal

commitment to Faith Promise I received a phone call from the Assistant Principal of Whittier Christian Elementary School in uptown Whittier.

She was desperately looking for a substitute for one of their classes and no one was available.  She knew I had formerly been an Elementary

School Teacher with Los Angeles City Schools and thought possibly I might help out with this need.  After teaching that one day, I

continued to be called to that school and later to the Maybrook campus as well, as a substitute teacher for nearly 15 years.  The opportunity

came at just the right time for me and my family as all my kids were now in school and I was free in the daytime.  I never applied for this

job.  I never submitted a resume.  I never had to fill out any forms . It dropped in my lap from God!  It provided my Faith Promise

commitment amount, and then some, for all those years!  So, YES, I have seen God provide!