::  LIBRARY ::

The GHFC library has a wide range of resources which includes books, audio books, 

DVDs, and study and reference materials. 

Library Hours:  Sundays 9:40-10:10am and after the morning worship service.

Books may be reserved online through the library portal and picked up on designated days if you prefer.

Online Library Search Book Open

A library card is not needed to search but it is needed to check out any books or materials.  If you need assistance in getting your library card number or if you need a card for the first time, please contact library@ghfc.org.  

To request a book without logging into your account, click "add to book bin" and email your book bin items to

library@ghfc.org.  In the message box put your name and the day you want to pick up the book (Sunday or Wednesday).


It is the purpose of the library to  provide materials for all ages and interest levels that inspires, nurtures the faith, and encourages the development of Christian living.

Email:  library@ghfc.org