::: LGP :::

Loving God & People

::: Our Vision :::

Welcome to LGP! “Loving God and People” middle school ministry is a place where students and staff alike strive to live up to our title. It is our desire to love God with our whole heart and cherish our neighbors as ourselves; take a look at Matthew 22:36-40. Our vision is to love God and others through forms of worship, discipleship, service, evangelism, and fellowship. As we strive to seek God, He has been gracious to grant us tons of fun in the process!

::: summer Programs :::

Wednesday nights:

  • We meet in the middle school room (D-28) at church.
  • Our gathering is from 6:00-8:00pm.
  • Includes worship, Bible message, and water games!
  • Click on Games & Themes for this semester's activities.

Sunday mornings:

  • We meet in the middle school room, next to D-20.
  • We meet for Sunday school from 9:00-9:45am.
  • We are currently studying the gospel of Mark.
  • Sunday school emphasizes connection and the Word.

::: summer Calendar and Release Form :::

Click on Summer Events for a list of our events for the spring.

A Release Form is required at the beginning of each school year for each student to participate in any church activities. Please click on the link below, and either email it to Devin Fieguth or print out the form and return it in to Devin at the church address:

Devin Fieguth Student Ministries,

GHFC 11818 La Mirada Blvd. La Mirada, CA 90638 devin@ghfc.org

Middle School Release Form

::: Meet the LGP Volunteer Staff :::

Check out the bios below and meet the volunteers

who pour into the lives of our middle school students on a weekly basis.

  • Devin Fieguth

    Devin is our amazing middle school intern. He has been serving on middle school staff for over three years now, and he is in his final semester of seminary at Talbot School of Theology. He demonstrates an excellent balance between spiritual maturity and middle school energy. He has a passion for ministry and young people. He also brings many years of youth camp experience into the middle school group which elevates the intentionality and excitement of the ministry.

  • A.J. Periard

    AJ has been serving in our middle school department for over three years as well. She has earned two bachelor degrees, one in Christian Ministries and another in Biblical Studies, from Biola University. She is at Granada to love students and let Christ shine through her. She works at Disneyland, has a Disney pass, and loves going to the parks at anytime (hint, hint)! AJ is excited to see where God is going to lead this year with our awesome group of middle school students!

  • "Papa" John Baima

    Papa John represents the best of both worlds: he is both a leader in the middle school ministry and a dad. He is greatly loved by his small group who affectionatly gave him the title "Papa" John. He has more excitement in his pinky finger than most of us have in our entire bodies: he'll compete, he'll cheer, he'll dance, and if you're lucky, he'll even share from the abundance of his candy supply!

  • Brenna Westburg

    "Brenn the best" Westburg joins the LGP family for her second year. She is a sophomore Christian Ministries major at Biola University, an R.A. in Sigma Hall, and a level one intern through the BYMO department at as well. She brings joy, passion, a love for Jesus, and a slight Chicago accent to the mix. Her small group girls have latched on to her which speaks to her love for studnets and her compelling character.

  • Sara Parsons

    Sara is beginning her second year on the LGP team. She adds to the diversity of the group, being a Colorado native and a brilliant Torrey student at Biola. Don't let her reserved first impression fool you!; she's checking out the lay-of-the-land so that she can insert herself into the middle school maddness that's about to ensue! We are excited for the girls who will have Sara in their small group this semester because she brings love and depth to her ministry.

  • Joseph Risser

    Joseph is the freshest addition to the LGP team! He was a camp rock star this summer with the students as he served faithfully at Thousand Pines. He is a freshman at Biola this fall, and he is excited to see where God will take him in the field of education. We are blessed to have Joseph serving our middle school students with passion and excellence this year!

::: Interested in joining LGP staff? :::

To become a leader in the middle school ministries at Granada Heights Friends Church, please print & fill out our application as well as read through our covenant. The covenant will explain the expectations and roles of a student ministries volunteer. Any questions or concerns you may have are more than welcome, and we'd love to talk to you about them! Contact Duane Litz for more information on becoming involved in our ministry.

Student Ministries Application & Covenant