REnovation UPdate: Sanctuary

Thank you for your continued support for this 2nd Phase of our church renovation as we seek God's guidance for needed updates to the Sanctuary.  In the blink of an eye, things change.  As many of you know, our preferred General Contractor backed out of our project on Monday, May 6th.  We’ve already engaged with 3 other contractors to get bids to keep things moving forward, but this does cause an unexpected delay.   We trust God in His timing and guidance - so please join us in prayer for all that He has in store.   

Our God is Faithful!      


                                                                      8:30 & 11am  ::  Worship Services (in C27/28)

                                                                   9:45-10:45am  ::  Adult Fellowship Groups, Kids & Youth Programs


Contact us if you have any questions please.
GHFC  Elders