Fall Sermon series, Aug 30-nov 22

What is happening?

We had so much hope for 2020 in January, didn't we? A new decade! Leap year! The Olympics! The economy is booming! Yes, granted, it started off a bit rocky (war with Iran? Australian wildfires? Kobe?), but we marched on with our optimism intact. Things were going to get better, right?


And then a Friday the 13th in March stopped everyone cold. 2020 took off its mask, slapped a mask on all of us, and told us all to stay home. No more school. No more sports. No more restaurants. No more church. And for many, no more job. 


Now here we are, over 5 months later (!!!), and we're still staggering against the ropes, asking each other on Zoom, "What is going on?" Not only has the coronavirus knocked the world down, but so have locusts, murder hornets, racial injustice, riots, and daily political fights on Facebook.


HOWEVER... Some of us have seen some light emerge in the distance. There's HOPE rising on the horizon. All because 2020 has made us stop and think... about life.


And some of us have caught that little glimpse of heaven as we realize that there is a much better life to be had than our pre-pandemic life.


We welcome you to join us on Sundays this fall for our series, "Life in 2020: Perspective from the Pandemic". Each week we will discuss one of the hot topics that emerged from this pandemic time, and how God can help us to find that better life with some new perspective from above. Topics to be covered include busyness, bias, politics, healthy relationships, emotional health, racism, essential work, prayer, end-of-the-world fears, and more.